Men’s Vegan Coats


Finding a decent, stylish, affordable coat, which is vegan (no wool) is a pain in the ass. Yeah, there are plenty of coats which are vegan, but do you really want to turn up to that date with that vegan girl/guy in your north face ultimate climate control windbreaker-3000 looking like you’re about to take them on a national geographic exploration tour, nah, didn’t think so. 

Don’t worry me ol’ chums, I’ve put together a list of retailers where you can find some good looking men’s vegan coats, which will even leave you enough change to order that bottle on your date.

Vintage markets

Nothing says “I’ve been to Shoreditch & I’m looking after the environment” like owning a second-hand coat or jacket. And why wouldn’t you? There are many benefits to owning second-hand clothing which go far beyond veganism, for instance, it was once fashionable 20 years ago, so even if it does go out of fashion, you’ll be sure it’ll come back in at some point.

There’s a point, fast fashion, no not clothes that move quickly, well actually, exactly that. The clothes you buy because they’re in fashion for 6 months then end up in landfill, usually in poorer countries, we then send 3 quid to a charity to help clean our mess – as if that makes any difference…..let’s try and do a bit better and buy a % of our clothes from pre-loved sellers. 

So where can you buy these environmentally saving toppers? Have a quick google in your nearest city to find your nearest spots ,or even online such as Depop or Vinted. A personal favourite of mine to dig out some men’s vegan coats is at Brick Lane Vintage Market. It’s an underground haven for old stuff that was once expensive, and is now still nearly as expensive as it was brand new because of, you know, hipster tax. They have a variety of independently owned stalls, and afterwards you can nip down the road to pick up some yummy vegan food. 

Brick Lane Vintage Market

Men's Vegan Coats - Vintage Market Brick Lane

Wills Vegan Store

Wills’ was originally named Wills Vegan Shoes, you guessed it, they only did shoes, I guess that name didn’t give them much room to expand. Anyway, Wills’ have been one of the long runners and you can tell. Their products are probably some of the best lasting vegan wear on the market, and they have a decent range of mens vegan coats, although at the pricier end of the market. Pea coats, bomber jackets, vegan leather & wool, Wills’ have it all to keep you warm and looking fresh.

Navy Pea Cost

Men's Vegan Coats - Wills Vegan Store

Recycled Vegan Shearling Jacket

Men's Vegan Coats - Wills Vegan Stores


Ragwear is a PETA-approved vegan apparel store for both men & women. Quite possibly the Next of vegan clothing, they have a range of casual wear for trendy vegans and a decent range of mens vegan coats from gilets to puffer jackets – you’ll be sure to find something to your taste. Not having bought from Ragwear myself, a source has mentioned they do come up a little smaller, so ordering a size up is a good idea.

Ragwear Reko Upgrade

Men's Vegan Coats - Ragwear Reko

Ragwear Rytel Remake

Men's Vegan Coats - Ragwear RYTEL REMAKE

If like me, you’re a fussy git when it comes to coats and can’t be parting with your cash until you’ve tried it on, being able to pop to your local high street and battling with crowds of prams and downward facing tik-tok obsessors is even less painful then waiting 2 weeks for a coat to arrive which doesn’t fit correctly, then let’s have a ganders at what the high street has to offer. 


Don’t even bother looking online, honestly, just go to the shop, if you find a men’s vegan coat you like, just buy it, you won’t see it ever again, even in a different store. Look, here’s a link to Zara coats, good luck and don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

So not exclusively vegan, Zara do however offer a lot of cheaper coats which stand the test of time, I’ve had quite a few and always been pleasantly surprised. Their range of men’s vegan coats are actually “accidentally vegan”. Zara opting for the cheaper option of polyester rather than for wool, you’ll still have to check the label as I can’t guarantee every coat is vegan, but definitely worth a look in if you’ve already made it passed the prams.

River Island

If Love Island was a high street shop…Perhaps being in my early 30’s I’m a bit passed it for the designers at RI, but their range of borg lined corduroy jackets caught my eye, being made from a faux sheep-skin like material similar to shearing, they’ll keep you warm and offer a cheaper alternative to the LEVIS jacket from the 90’s! 

Also, and this may or may not be for wordcount, they’re the only company on this blog who offer an affiliate link, so please, if you do buy from River Island, click on this first, ta.

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