Where to eat as a Vegan in East London!


Landaaaan! Yeah mate, the best place in the world (…UK) for vegan food. I love London, we have awful traffic, an overly complicated underground system and probably the highest air pollution in Europe – but great vegan food, craft beer and that’s enough! 


Whether you’re new to East London or new to veganism and live in East London, this blog might help, showing you the best vegan food in East London. Alternatively, just use Google instead, but I’m (self-proclaimed) more fun.


Best “Fine-ish” Dining Vegan

Alter is a boho-chic esk Asian restaurant with the qualities of a fine dining restaurant, without the price tag. The moody lighting and buzzing atmosphere creates the perfect atmosphere for getting lost in conversation and good food. The menu at Alter goes like this: tiny plates, small plates, mains, desserts and if you don’t have 2020 vision, bring your glasses – you’ll thank me for that one. 

Alters food is packed with flavour and has a variety of dishes – this isn’t your average Asian menu, they even sell pizza sticks. The food is matched well with their offering of drinks from local IPA’s and organic wines, and if you have enough room for dessert, the peanut boas are a choice of winners. Without doubt some of the best vegan food in East London.


Best Vegan Street Food

Ok, let me confess now, this isn’t the name of the stall, I mean it could be, but I didn’t note it down, and I can hear you “well, that’s no f**king good” – well, quit your moaning, they’re on Brick Lane, and these are the coordinates 51.521174, -0.071691

“Unnamed business” is not an exclusively vegan spot, but they offer a vegan momo option, and they’re amazing. Conveniently located (somewhere) on Brick Lane these vegan momos are steamy buns of flavour and the momo sauce is bang on. If you’ve not been to Brick Lane before, it’s busy so being able to grab a quick bite to eat is perfect before you go back to vintage jean shopping.

Mildred's Dalston

Best Vegan All Rounder

You probably already know of Mildred’s, they’ve been killing it in Soho for decades now, but you may not know they have another 3 restaurants dotted around London. Mildred’s is probably the best vegan restaurant for their varied menu to suit even the fussiest of vegans.

I can’t do the Mildred’s menu justice in a paragraph so just have a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! Fancy a tipple? Mildred’s has a decent array of wines, bubbly, beers, ciders and cocktails – all reasonably priced for the most hipster vegan East London spot!

Unity Diner

Junk Food, Nice Decor

You know that youtuber vegan Earthling Ed – the hippy, Jesus looking one, this is his restaurant – and it’s pretty decent! I jest, I’m a big fan of his work and now his food. Unity Diner is a non-profit restaurant which has helped set up Surge Sanctuary in 2020 – it does feel good knowing your money is going towards an animal haven. 

What do they do? Everything you’d expect from the very hipster vegan East London scene, burgers, hot dogs, dirty fries, I’ve seen a salad on the menu but I believe no-one has actually ordered it. Plus, and this is the really good bit, Unity Diner is dog friendly, so do I even need to keep on typing? Just go have vegan burgers and cuddle a stranger’s dog – they’re vegan they’ll understand.

Vurger Co

Best Vegan Burgers

They do vegan burgers in East London, which isn’t short of vegan burgers. Actually, we need a vegan burger restaurant cull if anything. You want the best vegan burgers? Vurger Co will sort you out, fast food with all the vegan junk food sides you could ever want – I especially like their tater tots, deep fried crispy potato mmmm yum! 

Vurger Co are knocking about around a few places in the UK, and despite the influx of vegan burgers in East London, I’d still be going here to knock ’em back with proper vegan shakes and a beer, winner!

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