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Hola Amigas/Amigos!

Que tal? Bien bien…

Ok ok enough espanol, thinking of coming to Mexico? Great choice, it’s amazing, the sun, the food, the people, the architecture and way of living, did I mention the food?

The vegan food in Mexico is some of the best I have tried, and you’ll be stunned at the amount of easily available vegan mexican food here. Having recently spent some months travelling around Mexico and as a vegan, I will save you some googling and just let you know the best places to eat that vegan mexican food! Salud!

Where ya going?

Playa del carmen

Ah, so you’ve decided you’re a little too old to spend your holidays with the Thomas Cook 18-30’s youngins in Cancun and went a little south to the more “mature” crowd of Playa Del Carmen. Good Choice. Playa is known for its cheap cocktails, cheap trims, beaches and with plenty of bars and restaurants you won’t be hard done by to find vegan mexican food here. 

The Pitted Date

Vegan Mexico - The Pitted Date

The Pitted Date is one my favourite spots here in Mexico, being one of the only 100% vegan spots in Playa with a variety of vegan food, The menu is extensive offering breakfast and lunch meals and if you’re one of those healthy vegans, they do bowls full of nuts and yoghurt, probably some other stuff too. 

Along with vegan Mexico based foods, their menu is full of vegan food from all over the world. My favourite by far was the croque monsieur (krowk muh-syur) which is a sandwich swimming in a creamy garlic sauce – yum!

Comet 984 - 50’s Diner

Vegan Mexico - Comet 984

If you end up wandering to the bottom of 5th Avenue, Comet 984 50’s diner is a cool little vegan spot just a few blocks away. Lunch or late night snack, Comet 984 has that typical American diner feel with vegan burgers and shakes, old school decor and black & white disney shows from the time, ah good to see Mickey Mouse still has a home.

Tropical Tacos

Vegan Mexico - Tropical Tacos

Proper little hipster spot this is, not exclusively vegan, but they have a couple of options. Tropical Tacos combines food and street art, and sitting right at the top of 5th, it’s the perfect spot to avoid the crowds and chomp down some cheap vegan Mexican tacos. Oh and there’s a tattoo shop next door if you’re feeling spontaneous.

Lido Beach Club Restaurant

Vegan Mexico - Lido Beach Club

The Lido Beach Club Restaurant is a nice little spot for dinner, watching the sun set, enjoying cheap cocktails and some good vegan Mexican food. A little more touristy than the previous places, you’ll need to get here a bit early as it gets pretty busy. Often they have a live band too and you can sink both your feet into sand and your mouth into good vegan mexican food. Always ask for the cocktail of the day, 80 pesos for anything with alcohol is a steal!

Colectivo Mexicano Cervecero (CMC)

Vegan Mexico - CMC

Ok, not good for vegan food, but vegan craft beer. If, like me, you can’t stand those loud bars with someone offering you a shot every 10 minutes, and you like great craft beer, this is the spot. They have an extensive craft beer menu, which is mostly vegan friendly and if you get peckish, the chips (french fries for our American readers) and guacamole is a firm favourite, be careful of the habanero dip though – it’s f**king hot!


If you’re staying in Playa, you’ll probably end up in or around Tulum to see some cenotes. If so, I recommend only two spots in Tulum for vegan grub, Tapatia Vegan Tacos & El Bajon Vegan Tacos.

Tapatía Vegan Tacos

Vegan Mexico - Tapatia Tacos

This is the best street food I’ve had in Mexico so far, it’s probably worth the trip to Tulum alone. They do your typical vegan mexican tacos, burritos and some of the best fresh juices around. Situated on the corner of calle 12, about 10 minutes walk from the main street in Tulum, it’s perfect to get away from all of the spiritual clothing and jewellery shops for a bit.

El Bajon Vegan Tacos

Vegan Mexico - El Bajon

Simple, cheap and tasty. I wish I had discovered this spot sooner, they offer endless amounts of vegan tacos, just keep trying them all until you burst! They have a selection of sauces on the counter, along with some spicy pickled onions – taste better than I’m making them sound.


Honestly this place is probably the hottest place on earth, ok, maybe not, but it’s consistently low 30’s so listen to Baz Luhrmann and bring sun cream. 

Yucatan’s’ colonial city, Merida is a few hours west of Playa; it’s saturated with Mexican architecture and cantinas. If you’re planning a trip, make sure to check out the Pok ta Pok on Wednesday evenings. It’s an old Mayan game they continue to play in the square, except no one gets sacrificed when they lose anymore…I hope.

El Apapacho

Cosy indoor/outdoor spot just outside Centro Merida, El Apapacho is a hipster esk feminist book store with a great traditional Mexican menu, with many vegan options. This was the first place I tried mole in Mexico, which is a traditional sauce made with chocolate and beans. It’s quite rich, but a must have when visiting mexico. If you’re lucky, a gecko might greet you with its presence!


Vegan Mexico - Pita

Pita is a Mediterranean restaurant offering (you guessed it) pita’s! Once you’ve been in Mexico for a while, it’s nice for a little break away from tacos and mole. Pita has a vegan pita, which is full of veg, or the falafel pita is also vegan if you ask for no honey on the salad, or just skip the salad entirely.

Mercado 60

Vegan Mexico - Mercado 60

Mercado 60 is an outdoor evening food hall and like most places in Merida, there will be live music on the weekends, so it’s a nice spot to grab a vegan mexican burrito and medelo. There’s not too many vegan options here, but Merida in whole is a bit slim on vegan options. 


Vegan Mexico - Sempere

Coffee lover? By now, you would’ve noticed filter coffee (urgh) is quite popular among the tourist hotspots. Latin America produces some of the best coffee beans in the world, and Sempere offers some of the best flat whites in this city! Also a cool spot to read or look out on the bearing heat of Merida while you can sit and enjoy the air con. They offer a great avocado on toast, just remove the egg (sin huevo) and enjoy! 

Ciudad de Mexico

You want the best vegan Mexican food? This is the place. Honestly, if you’re visiting Mexico, and you’re a fan of city life, Mexico city reminds me of everything I love about London and European cities. From the tree lined streets, cafe culture, parks, restaurants and bars, Mexico City has so much to offer I could spend a very long time here! So where’s the best vegan food with all this choice?

Los Loosers

Vegan Mexico - Los Loosers

The best vegan food I’ve had in Mexico, Los Loosers offers a variety of vegan Mexican and Asian dishes, from tacos to ramen and wine! Vegan wine is harder to come by in Mexico, especially when you’re out, so finding good vegan wine has probably made my trip! Los Loosers has a quirky alien inspired décor, but don’t let that put you off, the food is outstanding, and if you only have enough time to go out for vegan Mexican food once, this is the spot!


Vegan Mexico - Veguisisma

Veguisisma (no idea either) is an outdoor vegan Mexican deli style food spot. If the weathers nice and you find yourself in Condesa, pop over here for lunch, the portions are large, so be humble in your ordering. Their menu contains typical vegan Mexican food, tacos, burritos, and some burgers, coupled with some craft beer, Veguisisma is a great lunch spot.

Vegan Mexico -

Another great spot in Condesa, has some tasty items on the menu, with some vegan mexican food and vegan pizza! Vegan pizza is almost impossible to find in Mexico, but has 8 options! Plus they have even more local vegan craft beer!

Fat Vegan

Vegan Mexico - Fat Vegan

Over in Roma Nte lies Fat Vegan, your typical vegan burger spot, and it doesn’t disappoint. Their menu is small yet tasty, and haven eaten here a couple of times due to being on uber eats, it’s the best vegan comfort food in Mexico. I highly recommend their “papanachos” – basically dirty fries and any of the vegan milkshakes they have, all delicious!


Gatorta, vegan street food that will have you on the toilet for days after, now there’s a nice image, but I did warn you. Highly recommended by food bloggers all over the internet, you’ll probably end up here out of curiosity, like me. 

Gatorta offers vegan tacos, Cubana’s, a take on the traditional Cuban sandwich with all the meats and vegan treats. The sandwich is big enough for two, and you won’t need to eat anything for the next week after as it’s the size of my head. If you want to dabble in vegan Mexican street food, Gatorta will fill that quota. 

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